My Rosacea Journey --- 2 weeks in!

It has been 2 weeks since my very first Icon treatment to help my stubborn rosacea! 

I was thinking if my face is already red and then I am using laser on my face, how long will it be red for? I have to  grocery shopping, should I not go today because of the redness? The answer was it was only red for a few hours and yes I went grocery shopping. 

My skin in general looks a lot more even. The redness has faded, the brown spots on my face are better.

Going forward I still need more treatments. My flushing rosacea is very stubborn, I estimate I will need 3 more treatments.

Below are photos 2 weeks post treatment #1 (Again no make up... no judging my face LOL)












My next treatment is in 2 weeks, can't wait to share the results :)



Kodi Davis Laser Technician and Office Manager

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