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January 2019 I started my Aesthetics and Laser Wellness Practice.

In my primary care practice my focus is on preventative health. I counsel patients on nutrition, exercise and screening for preventative diseases. Inspite of maintaining a healthy lifestyle some ares of stubborn fat are very difficult to get rid of. 

The SculpSure laser system destorys the fat cells permanently. After each treatment the average percentage of fat loss is 24%. It takes up to 12 weeks to see results. Treatment areas include belly, inner and outer thighs, flanks, back, buttocks and more! SculpSure gives the body the desired contouring in less than 30 minutes and with no downtime.

My Icon laser machine is a non-invasive cosemtic procudure for a healthy and younger looking skin by getting rid of sun damage spots, signs of aging, skin pigmentation and other skin aliments that topical creams or antibiotics cannot treat. Icon treats variety of skin conditions for all skin types. 

In the January issue of Forbes magazine, in the article "Three Ways to Market your Practice" they mentioned that since the year 2000 the demand for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have increase 200%.

Since launching Aesthetics and Laser Wellness, in less than a month I have had numerous phone calls and phenomenal success in treatment outcomes.

Thank you clients for your trust and confidence in my treatments.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Rita Ghosh MD

Rita Ghosh MD

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