My Rosacea Journey

Are you sunburned?
The dreadful words I hear all year round, “are you sunburned?” The answer to that question is no. No I am not. The “sunburn” is called Rosacea and I have been dealing with it ALL MY LIFE. Now that I found the love of my life and settled in life I think I have almost given up on covering it up. I mean, of course I will wear make-up when I have an event or happy hour to attend but besides that I let everyone see my flaw. I have tried all sorts of lotions, creams and green make up to try and hide and fix the redness. They may help slightly but you can always see that I have discoloration on my face.
I have been working with Dr. Ghosh for almost ten years now and she has definitely seen my good and bad days with rosacea. We knew physicians around were getting into aesthetics and cosmetic treatment but I truly didn’t know much about it. At the end of 2018 Dr. Ghosh had purchased Icon and SculpSure through Cynosure and we went through all the long days of training to make sure we were ready to start after the New Year.
Treatment for rosacea involved the Icon laser with the Max G hand piece. All of the pictures I saw during training and doing my own research I was amazed how much it helped! I was thinking to myself, how has this not come to my attention prior to now! All the money I have spent on facials, creams and make up is basically down the drain.
It is treatment day! Pre treatment instructions were easy; no make-up, no tanning (like I tan…) and no botox or fillers 4 weeks prior. So basically I had to come to work like I do every day. I was a little nervous because this was my first laser treatment ever! Was it going to hurt, will my face be swollen, will it really look like I have a sunburn? So many thoughts were going through my head.
During the treatment it felt almost like a little tinge when the laser went off. Also I could feel that my face was getting warm but nothing I couldn’t handle. After 15 minutes I was done! The best part was when Dr. Ghosh used this cold roller and cold towels on my face. Being pampered to is always fun!
Post treatment instructions were a walk in the park. Immediately after treatment my face looked like I actually had a sun burn. But after 2 hours it had went away. That night I was to do nothing to my face. However the following day I could return back to my normal routine. It was so easy! Now that I am done with my first treatment I will wait 4 weeks and repeat.
Before you keep scrolling to see my before and after pictures…. I AM WARNING YOU! No make up or filters(lol) !! 
Before ANY treatment 
Day After Treatment 1
Side Views 
Can't wait to share the results of my next treatment! Bye bye rosacea!
-Kodi Davis
Kodi Davis Laser Technician and Office Manager

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