2nd Rosacea Treatment

Second rosacea treatment time! I am so excited!!! 

Now that I know what to expect I am not nervous at all plus pre and post treatment was a breeze!

The funny thing was on my drive in this morning they were talking about laser procedures on the radio. I usually listen to talk radio stations while I sit in traffic. This morning I happen to change it to Doctor Radio on Sirus XM and that was the topic for the morning! They discussed benefits, cost effectiveness and low downtime of IPL(intense pulse light) which is one of the lasers we have. 

After my second treatment I was again a little red like a mild sunburn. That lasted for about 3 hours. A couple days I had went out to dinner with my husband. I noticed a HUGE difference! My face looked so even and my make up actually went on so much better.


About 30 minutes after my second treatment (I need to smile next time!)



A couple days after with make up


I am going to do another treatment in 4 weeks and maybe add the wrinkle reduction hand peice to help my forhead out!


-Kodi Davis

Kodi Davis Laser Technician and Office Manager

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